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Miragem is a Cultural Association based on the island of Pico, in the Azores archipelago.

From within such territory, it dedicates itself to cultural production understood as promoting the
construction of a living and free rurality, in its community and ecological components. We take as true
the premise that rurality is a space for the generation of diverse and divergent ways of life and endless
proposals of worlds. Rejecting any desire to replicate scales in the context of insularity, Miragem is
committed to questioning the current relationships between center and peripheries, as well as
deepening the active participation of local communities in the proposed events and actions.

Focusing on the domains of images and sounds, miragem - kinematic arts in landscape emerges
as an encounter comprising screenings of films in different natural environments of the island, a
programme of education and creative workshops, and a series of conversations and debates, thus
establishing a relationship between the programme and the local cultural and human context. Trying
to conjure images with worlds, as much as experimentation with commitment, miragem - kinematic
art in the landscape
is itinerant around the island and peripheral in its genesis, just as it is decentralized
in relation to the traditional spaces of exhibition and artistic fruition, emerging in the forests, in a cave,
in lava fields by the ocean, in a cellar on harvest day, on the altar of a chapel.


Artistic Direction
Rita Morais e Kate Saragaço-Gomes

Production Direction 
Rita Morais e Kate Saragaço-Gomes

Graphic Design
Luísa Martelo

Technical Assistance 
Nuno Alvernaz

Social Media